Franchise Transactions

As practitioners in Franchise Law, we understand the details of the rule book better than anybody else. Having dealt with complex cases, we are well versed with the nuances of the law, and therefore better equipped to use it to help you gain maximum benefits.

When it comes to purchasing a franchise it is always advisable to consult our experts. Since we know the impact of every rule, we will help you get a fair franchisee agreement. Once you sign the dotted line on a franchisee agreement, both parties have their own share of responsibilities to fulfil. Therefore, getting the paper checked by our legal experts will help you ensure that this distribution of responsibilities is only fair!

Here is what this firm can offer you:

  • Reliable guidance
  • Proper understanding of your franchisee agreement
  • The best possible way to ensure fair gain for your business

When do you need our services?

  • We take care of all the legal aspects when it comes to a franchisee agreement. However, to further elaborate, you will require our expertise with the following situations:
  • Before signing franchise agreements;
  • Handling franchise related disputes;
  • Charting an agreement to transfer your existing outlet, including drafting the Asset Purchase Agreement, and the sign off by the franchisor;
  • Helping you understand the advantages of franchising a business when it’s eligible and the procedure to do so;
  • Breach of contract.

How much does it cost you?

Our sole focus is on giving you credible guidance without actually burning a hole through your pocket. You will find our services to be very affordable. In order to better understand the fees involved, get in touch with our experts and let them understand the case. The fees vary in accordance to the involvement that every case demands. However, be rest assured, we will never overcharge any of our clients.

How to hire our services?

We believe in being accessible to our clients. In order to hire our services, all you need to do is give us a call