Indian Master Franchisees

Indian Master Franchisee

By investing in an international franchise, or by expanding your existing franchise overseas, you can take advantage of India’s growing market for goods and services and expand your franchise business on a global scale. With a population of over 1 billion people, India stands out as a potentially tremendous opportunity for franchisors from all countries including the United States. An excellent way to expand your franchise in India, is the concept of an Indian Master Franchisee. Expanding a franchise domestically is relatively straightforward and there are only the various state laws to deal with. On an international level, the concept of appointing an Indian Master Franchisee can streamline your compliance with the laws and customs that are unique to India and help you to potentially profit in this vast and growing market.

With a Gross National Product of over $3 trillion, India has the fourth largest economy in the world. India has a growing middle class with an ever-increasing amount of disposable income that is in need of products and services. The various regions of India are each unique and different, but all are in need of fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s and Burger King, convenience stores like 7-Eleven, hotels, fitness centers, and real estate agencies. The government of India also has a commitment to providing their citizens with an economic atmosphere that is franchise-friendly to international investors.

The International Franchise Lawyer at the Law Offices of Mario L. Herman can advise you of the various opportunities available in India, as well as guide you through the legal maze that is unique to this country. Mr. Herman has a thorough understanding of the Indian Master Franchise laws that govern the country and can advise an international franchisor as to the merits of the adopting the Indian Master Franchisee throughout the entire country or adopting a more specialized version unique to each region.

One of the most important decisions a potential Indian franchisor needs to make, is whether or not to designate an Indian Master Franchisee. Call us today or visit us at our blog for more information on international franchising.