European Master Franchisees

European Master Franchise Attorney Mario L. Herman has worked with franchisors to provide legal solutions that are unique to your plans for overseas expansion that include setting up a European Master Franchisee. With vast experience on the world stage, we are fully prepared to take on your case no matter where in the world it may take us. We provide highly professional yet affordable legal counsel 24-hours per day, seven days per week.

The majority of international franchises employ a form of legal entity called master franchising. The owner of a brand name is called the master franchisor. With a European Master Franchise, the master franchisor relinquishes control of the operations of their franchise to a European Master Franchisee, within a specific territory or within a particular country. The purpose of this is to centralize and streamline the efficiency of growing a chain of franchises within a territory with laws and customs that foreigners may not be aware of. In doing so, the owner of the brand is freed up from becoming an expert in every language or every law and custom in every country and every territory in which they wish to operate internationally. This form of franchising has the goal of increasing the rate of growth of sub-franchises.

All the benefits of the franchise model pass down to the sub-franchisees seamlessly, just as if they were dealing in their home country and in their home office. In order to expand to new and potentially lucrative markets, it is essential that a franchisor hires an experienced and knowledgeable European Master Franchisee lawyer like the ones at the International Law Firm of Mario L. Herman. We have skilled practitioners that focus on International franchise law and can help you set up European Master Franchises throughout the European continent. Our expertise can save your company time and money and put your company in a position to rapidly expand overseas. Call our European Master Franchisee attorneys today.