Puzder Withdrawal as Labor Secretary

As of the time of this writing, Andrew Puzder has withdrawn his nomination for Secretary of Labor. This comes as a result of pressure from Democrats. Puzder, who is the CEO of Carl’s Jr. and Hardy’s franchise chain and employs over 70,00 people, was accused of cheating workers and employing undocumented aliens (illegal immigrants) in an effort to improve his company’s bottom line. If Puzder’s nomination had gone through, it was widely acknowledged that he would have sought to dismantle organized labor and eliminate many of the regulations that stifle job creation. Pressure on the nominee also came from the minimum wage labor movement known as “Fight For Fifteen”. The activist group has been organizing protests that are labor walkouts geared at shutting down the merchants were they work.

Overregulation and Stifled Job Creation
Every time the federal government imposes a regulation on businesses, there is a direct dollar cost that can be attributed to it. As a result of the increased regulations, more businesses folded in 2016 than were created for the first time in over 30 years. Since small businesses account for over 60% of overall jobs, it is hard to see where falling unemployment numbers are coming from. The Trump administration has written an executive order that mandates that for every new regulation written into law, 2 other regulations must come off the books.